Lame Mage Productions   Zodiac Ring Playtesters

All games are just theory until you unleash some players on them. Many thanks to the brave souls who kicked, blasted and thought their way through Zodiac Ring.

Metro Bay Crusaders

Gavin "Captain Amazing" Cummins
Paul "Mongoose" Ellis
Mike "Sizzler" Frost
Chris "Darkstar" Haddad
Robert "Moebius" Haskell
Jem "Obsidian" Lewis
Ching-Ping "Dr Jurassic" Lin
Seth "Malachi" Richardson


Rob "Major League" Carr
Evan "Rubble" Land
Rob "Stone" Land
Jen "FireFly" Marino

Team Aegis

Scott "Guardian" Coutcher
Steven "The Artificer" Dipesa
Dan "Crystalis" Pichette
Danielle "Laser" Schrier