Lame Mage Productions   Zodiac Ring
written by Ben Robbins, art by Robert Haskell & Jem Lewis

Zodiac Ring is now available! It is a superhero adventure released under the Second Edition M&M Superlink license, including:

  • 12 complete character write-ups, including detailed tactics for Second Edition M&M
  • Seven main action scenes, with alternate game outlines to let you run anything from a mini-campaign to an action-packed stand-alone game
  • Clearly outlined plot Revelations (and Red Herrings) to make it easier for you to guide the flow of the game
  • Specific Action Shticks in each scene to help you bring out classic dramatic moments and make fights more than just slugfests
  • Hooks for customizing the scenario to fit your players and draw them into the action

More stuff:

  • Rogues Gallery–Character portraits from Zodiac Ring. Get a sneak peak of Taurus and Pisces. More characters will be added each week.
  • Zodiac Ring Playtesters–Where would we be without playtesters? Because no game is complete until you let a bunch of rabid gamers tear through it.
  • Artistic License–Jem drew some comics for Zodiac Ring, but then he just couldn't stop.

Our philosophy is: playing more games = good. Our goal is to provide quality gaming material that you will want to play and present it in a format that focuses on running the game. Our material is carefully reviewed and playtested before release–Zodiac Ring was tested by multiple GMs and over a dozen players. We try to give GMs the necessary tools to run the best game possible.