"A Nation Frees Itself From Social Shackles"

Players: Dominic & Luke

Palette: No Robots, Off World Travel, Oceans, Humans

The 7 Foci:
1) Duke Spruce III
2) "The First Sin" Pollenating, book 1:1
3) Conservotorio
4) The climate of early Arbre
5) The end of Plant Kind
6) The Great Underground Rootmind of the West
7) Vertibrates

The Two Legacies: Parasites (Dominic) & Plant Kind Religion (Luke)

First Age: First Plants Appear On Land (light) "A hot ball of rock greets its first inhabitants"

Age Of The Two Dome War (dark)

Age of Animals (light)

Golden Age of the Fern Lords (light)

Locust Swarm Wars (dark)

Age of Coniferous Trees (dark)

War of the Twice-Green Leaf (dark)

Last Age: Nuclear Winter "A darkened sky overlooks the last days of life on Arbre" (dark)