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ars ludi
“I’ve got the big wrenches out, I’m gonna go smash the machines”
I had a great time talking to Justin Gary on his Think Like A Game Designer podcast. Justin includes a great text outline of some of the big topics we hit on the web page, includin… Apr 17
A Microscope For The People
In a previous post I talked about the issues with scenes in Microscope. Issues that often lead players to avoid scenes, which (I think) robs you of the full experience of seeing ho… Apr 10
In This World, In This Classroom
Okay, show of hands: who’s interested in a course called “Science Fiction & Public Health”??? Sign me up! In their latest podcast, Alexis Dinno and Nell Carte… Apr 2
The Problem With Microscope Scenes
Microscope is great, but as a designer I’m always looking for ways to make my games better. And Microscope has some spots that could use an upgrade. What’s the problem?… Apr 1