Microscope Kingdom
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Eye of the Kraken
One of the nice things about the quest templates in Follow is that they get everyone on the same page about the kind of task we’re performing, but they’re flexible enou… May 25
Coffee & Kickstarters
Yesterday we brewed the strong coffee (and tea) and sat down and talked about the wonders and woes of Kickstarters. (depicted: me doing some kind of magic trick, apparently) There&… May 17
The owl knows better
Playing a lovely game of Eden at Story Games Seattle. Narwhals and bunnies try to explain reproduction to the innocent humans. Narwhals are convinced it is essential to sing togeth… May 13
Forget It’s a Playtest
The worst thing that can happen during a playtest is that you play it like a playtest. Weird, right? The text below is the exact advice I give my playtesters. It was in the Chronic… May 2