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The Scarlet Letter: Microscope in the Classroom
Keenan is killing it bringing story games to the classroom. His latest post is about using Microscope scene structure to explore the Scarlet Letter. The kids’ feedback is stu… Dec 19
Lord of the Flies: Kingdom in the Classroom
Over the past few years, I’ve heard from a lot of different educators who have experimented with Microscope, Kingdom and similar games in the classroom. They were each trying… Dec 12
Follow Early Access
If you backed Follow, today is your lucky day, because the early access release is ready for you to download and play it. My original plan was to just do some minor cleanup on the … Dec 5
Follow Races to the Finish
The Follow Kickstarter is closing as we speak! I dug into a lot more detail about how the game works in the updates, so here they are in case you missed them: Making Your Fellowshi… Nov 16