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Follow Races to the Finish
The Follow Kickstarter is closing as we speak! I dug into a lot more detail about how the game works in the updates, so here they are in case you missed them: Making Your Fellowshi… Nov 16
Heartbreak at Suicide Ridge
I already talked about the Follow Rebellion where we (luckily) failed to awaken the elder god Kanaguk and destroy the world. I played another Rebellion at Story Games Seattle just … Nov 6
Murder of Crows, Pride of Lions
I’ve been playing it for years, so I’m glad Eden is now up on Kickstarter and approaching release! That story about bears getting framed for murder? Yeah that was the f… Oct 31
Follow Kickstarter is Live!
The Follow Kickstarter is live! Our quest: get Follow into the hands of gamers everywhere. Spread the word! Immense thanks to all the wonderful players who have already taken Follo… Oct 18