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Microscope Explorer
I was walking around Go Play NW telling people what I was working on. Then they would say they were surprised they hadn’t heard of it and I had to respond “oh, that&rsq… Jul 16
Actual Play Roundup: Unicorn vs Death (GPNW 2014)
Got to play two great games of Microscope Union at Go Play NW: Revolutionary Zero — Bringing down society as we know it. Let she who is without sin throw the first plague.… Jul 5
Microscope Union Needs Playtesters
Microscope Union is already much more polished than I expected, which means it’s time to let slip the hounds of playtesting. As usual, I’m looking for people who will a… Jun 25
“My Dad, he’s full of stars!”
First playtest of Microscope Union was beautiful and bittersweet: Nathan grew up on the farm. As a young man he sees strange lights in the sky, a sight that fills him with quiet wo… Jun 20