Microscope Kingdom
ars ludi
Follow Needs Playtesters
I’ve been having a lot of fun playing Follow and now I’m ready to share it with playtesters. Which means you! As always, I’m looking for people who will actually … Jun 17
Hide In Your Own Body
Playtesting Eden again. Baruch has troubles. He accidentally broke Hosanna’s precious dagger so she paid him back by luring him into webs of biting spiders. But it didn&rsquo… Jun 2
Microscope Seed: Brave New World
“Colonists set foot on a new planet and strive to make it home. Can it grow into a flourishing, civilized world or will the colony fail and be forgotten?” Brave New Wor… May 29
Eye of the Kraken
One of the nice things about the quest templates in Follow is that they get everyone on the same page about the kind of task we’re performing, but they’re flexible enou… May 25