Microscope Kingdom
ars ludi
“You know why I got the funny voices? Years of GMing”
Back with the fine folks at HyperRPG, talking about Microscope. And a bit about Follow. And West Marches. And Braunstein. And Pokemon Go. We cover some territory, we do. The bad ne… Jul 25
Kingdom v1.3
I released Kingdom three years ago, but every time I play it I’m still looking for ways to make it better. It’s a crowd-favorite at Story Games Seattle so I’ve ha… Jul 25
You don’t vote for kings!
I dropped four new quests on Team Follow: the Booty, the Candidate, the Colony and the Gods. If you are in the playtest and didn’t get the email, let me know so I can hook yo… Jul 18
Microscope Seeds: Secrets & Squirrels
Two more history seeds for you! These were created as part of the Microscope Explorer kickstarter, based on ideas requested by generous backers, but they are provided as free downl… Jul 14