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Fleeing From Goblins, West Marches-style
In Ben’s original West Marches campaign, he arranged the adventure-filled regions of his wilderness in order of challenge, more or less. The further you were from town, the m… Oct 20
“Bring me the finest gamers in town! Bring them on a platter!”
Meaty, behind-the-scenes documentary examining how our dark and epic Salem Fiasco game was translated into a movie, The Devil Walks in Salem: [ direct link ] Tons of fantastic mome… Sep 30
Microscope? Reddit.
The Microscope areas on G+ and RPGGeek are already pretty active, but now there’s a shiny new spot to talk about it on Reddit: /r/MicroscopeRPG/ on Reddit Microscope has popp… Sep 30
Microscope Chronicle Playtest Closing
Hearken, ye gamers! The playtest of Microscope Chronicle is closing September 30. If you’re on the team you should have already gotten an email with instructions and whatnot.… Sep 19