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The Adventures of Meteor Man
The RPG Gamer Dad podcast talks with James Torrance about Microscope: RPG Gamer Dad: The Astounding Adventures of Meteor Man And yes, the eponymous Meteor Man segment right before … Nov 26
“I asked the other 13 yr old what he liked best? Freedom.”
If you guessed that I simply could not get enough tales of kids playing Microscope, you would be right. Here are Ryan and his friend Duncan rocking the Anipocalypse while Ryan&rsqu… Nov 11
The Coaster Double-Dares You
A long, long time ago when I was taking Psych courses, I got the idea drilled into me that subjects must voluntarily and willingly take part in your studies. You must get consent. … Nov 3
Fleeing From Goblins, West Marches-style
In Ben’s original West Marches campaign, he arranged the adventure-filled regions of his wilderness in order of challenge, more or less. The further you were from town, the m… Oct 20