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Story Games 101: Saying Terrible Things
“We expect kindness and maturity from everyone who attends and so should you.” That’s what it’s said on the Story Games Seattle website for years. When your… Jun 13
“But we know… they’re gonna die” (Games and Education Interview)
I got to chat with Keenan Kibrick on his new podcast, talking about Microscope, games in the classroom, and (spoiler!) how Romeo and Juliet ends… Games and Education: Interv… Jun 12
Farewell, Story Games Seattle!
After 8 years and over 600 meetups, I’m shutting down Story Games Seattle. Lots and lots of people have been a part of Story Games Seattle over the years. So many people and … Mar 29
The Fall and Rise (and Fall) of Antal
Intense game of Follow at Story Games Seattle. We played the Rebellion question, but our fellowship was nowhere near equipped to overthrow the new nobles, House Jakab, that had ous… Feb 19