Microscope Microscope
ars ludi
“I asked the other 13 yr old what he liked best? Freedom.”
If you guessed that I simply could not get enough tales of kids playing Microscope, you would be right. Here are Ryan and his friend Duncan rocking the Anipocalypse while Ryan&rsqu… Nov 11
The Coaster Double-Dares You
A long, long time ago when I was taking Psych courses, I got the idea drilled into me that subjects must voluntarily and willingly take part in your studies. You must get consent. … Nov 3
Fleeing From Goblins, West Marches-style
In Ben’s original West Marches campaign, he arranged the adventure-filled regions of his wilderness in order of challenge, more or less. The further you were from town, the m… Oct 20
“Bring me the finest gamers in town! Bring them on a platter!”
Meaty, behind-the-scenes documentary examining how our dark and epic Salem Fiasco game was translated into a movie, The Devil Walks in Salem: [ direct link ] Tons of fantastic mome… Sep 30