Microscope Kingdom
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PAX: Talking ’bout GM-less Games
There is life after kickstarter! I’m chugging away getting the sneak previews of Microscope Explorer material ready for backers. I’ll be at PAX next week playing games … Aug 17
“Arrr why won’t my kids grow up faster?!?”
It’s always fantastic to chat with RpgGamerDad. After he invited me to talk about Microscope back in January I promised I’d come back when the Microscope Explorer was u… Aug 3
Flight of the Madamas
“We created the Citizen Kane of spaceship stories…” –Timothy Young Sometimes the excellent games sneak up on you. They disguise themselves with trenchcoats… Jul 29
West Marches: Secrets & Answers (part 1)
Writing about world-building in the expansion to Microscope got me thinking about West Marches again (more on that in part 2), so I’m taking a break from my kickstarter to an… Jul 27